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From on-screen addiction to off-screen recovery; reality stars Amber
Smith (Sports Illustrated Supermodel) and Jason Wahler (Laguna Beach,
The Hills) reveal their personal battles with deadly addictions.
This 1-hour lecture covers substance abuse, codependency and the
relation to intimacy disorders. Currently both are flourishing in recovery,
but the road to wellness wasn't always picture perfect...

Though both Amber and Jason come from vastly different backgrounds,
both were thrust into the limelight and eventually ended up fighting for
their lives on CELEBRITY REHAB w/ DR DREW.
You saw a glimpse at their struggles on the show, now find out what the
public never knew! "BLURRED REALITY" is an honest in-depth look at two
harrowing yet inspirational stories about the battle to reclaim life, health
and peace-of-mind.

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"Our Mission is to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma of addiction.
Expressing vulnerability creates humility."

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"Blurred Reality" w/Amber Smith and Jason Wahler